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Creating your own red carpet to strut down is what creator Aslee had in mind. Let's stop trying to fit in on other people's red carpet; that may not be the place for us. We need to create our own where we are celebrated and appreciated. Entrepreneurs are taking over and building their own foundations; I want my brand to serve in a way that inspires others on their journey. I remember mornings standing in the mirror getting myself ready to go and spend the entire day in a place that I referred to as a "hell hole." Looking and feeling pretty was the only thing that gave me energy and made me feel somewhat happy walking out of my door in the morning. I'd put on my makeup, do my hair, get dressed and sit in the garage at work praying before getting out of my truck. In the morning, apply your "red carpet" lip and let it serve as a reminder to keep creating your own. As you move throughout your day, apply "Power" lipstick and remember that the words you speak are powerful and will determine your destiny. YOU are powerful. Showoff Cosmetics is the empowering beauty brand for boss babes, future millionaires, and goal getters. Step into your dreams and SHOWOFF! 

The Beauty Brand That Inspires
Showoff Cosmetics is a beauty brand that offers motivation, inspiration, and empowerment to the dream chasers. So many people are working hard to create the lives that they want for themselves, taking risks and stepping out on faith to pursue dreams. Showoff offers products to empower you every time you use them. From our shimmering eyeshadows that remind you to keep the stars in your eyes to our resilient red lippie, you will be motivated to keep pushing every time you look into the mirror to put on Showoff Cosmetics.

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