Self Discovery, Determination, and Freedom

There may be days or certain life-altering moments when you realize that your life isn’t what you hoped it would be. You have this vision of yourself and your life that you aren’t quite living up to. There are times when people will let you down and disappoint you. These are the times when you have to remind yourself of who you are and the innate power that you possess to change your circumstances and succeed despite all the forces against you.

This has been my story and the driving force behind the Showoff brand.

If you read the "About Us" page on our original website, you may be familiar with a watered-down version of my journey of self-discovery, determination and freedom. When I initially wrote that page, I was careful to keep my “Why?”  surface level because I wasn’t ready to be completely transparent or vulnerable with you all. However, my brand IS my story, and I would be doing you a disservice by keeping it to myself. On one hand, Showoff Cosmetics was birthed out of frustration, uncertainty and dissatisfaction. However, it was also born out of self-love, self-exploration and a strong will to see my dreams through to completion.

So, what's the story? 

Well, I got a job out of college that many people would kill for. Although it was a government job, I was offered the position because of my work planning events. The job has never aligned with who I am inside and has never catered to my personal interests. I accepted it because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Little did I know, this decision is what would eventually lead me to discovering just that.

Over the years, God continually gave me signs that the job wasn’t the right fit for me, and I absolutely hated it 90% of the time. I have always been the creative type - with a love for designing, decorating, coordinating and planning events. I started a successful baking business and would also make gift baskets and other crafts my peers requested. Several people told me I was much too talented to be sitting behind a desk in that office setting; however, I didn’t realize that power within myself yet. After working in that setting for so long, I got lost in it. At one point I started looking into grad school programs in law and policy- things that I had no interest in.

I was promoted to other positions with the highest reward being more work and less than half the pay of my predecessor. I was working for a boss who had the power but not the desire to recommend me for what I thought was my “dream job” after I expressed interest. Even with all the negatives, it was within my comfort zone. It wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic hit that I had an epiphany and the courage to step out on faith and Show Off what I had been suppressing.

Work life had become extra toxic and micro-managerial during COVID-19. My migraines were occurring daily and I was absolutely miserable. I felt trapped, and my life didn’t feel like my own. I knew it was time for me to take real actionable steps. I had to re-center and realize that the depressed state was not okay. I went on a journey to figure it out.

I sat down with a notebook that my line sister had given me for my birthday the year before. I opened the notebook, and to my surprise, she had handwritten a note on the first page that told me that it was time for me to put myself first and walk in my purpose. I used that notebook to start journaling, write prayers, and make lists. Showoff Cosmetics was completely conceived and strategized in that notebook. I planned to launch on my birthday the next year, 2021, and saved money just to quit the job. Instead, I used it to invest in myself and my business. I hired a life coach, who eventually pushed me to stand up for myself. Although it was uncomfortable at first, I was done tolerating the BS and spoke up.

So guess what happened? I was moved from my position without my knowledge. In other words, I was catapulted into what I was meant to do, because that’s when I knew that I was the only one with the power to control my destiny- never again will I leave it in someone else’s hands.

I put myself, my health, and my happiness first, especially above a job that will replace me without a second thought. I began to put all my efforts into my business with a strong desire to encourage others to move in the same way. I even named my very first eyeshadow palette FREEDOM, for obvious reasons. I know there are people driving to hell-hole jobs every morning, dreading every second, but doing it because they have to and not because they love what they do. There are people working on starting their own businesses and striving to be successful so they can live the life they’ve always envisioned. I strongly encourage people to do a deep dive to figure out what makes them happy and do those things. Keep fighting, keep pushing, and don't stop until your dreams become your reality.

Expect there to be challenges, but be determined to break down all barriers and to crush anything that tries to stand in your way. With Showoff, I received questions of where I had the time to operate a business, the equipment that I use for it, and if I had gotten approval. I recognized that as an attempt to block and reminded myself that God’s approval is final.

I am walking right with you on this journey- still determined to take control of my life, create my own way and find my freedom. We are all in this together.

My hope is that Showoff serves as an inspiration for women (and men) who are chasing their dreams and striving to succeed even when the circumstances seem bleak. I pack a note for my customers into every order that reads: 

“Every time you look into the mirror to put on my products of sparkle and glow, I want you to be reminded to keep the stars in your eyes. I encourage you to do what makes you feel good from the inside out and work hard to become the star of your own show! Step into your dreams and Showoff!” ~Aslee

I am ready to help others find their inner strength and Show Off to the world.

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